Sunday, November 11, 2012

Create A Netflix-like Page for Your Movies

A while back I undertook the project of converting all my DVDs to files that I could store on a computer. Although having all movies in a single directory is very convenient for 'movie night', it's not great for browsing. Admittedly, there is no way to replicate the feeling of actually browsing DVDs sitting on a shelf, I decided to create a simple webpage with all of the movie cover images along the lines of what Netflix and Amazon have. Of course, the result isn't identical (nor did I feel like spending the time to make it absolutely perfect), but here is what it basically looks like (and yes, our movie collection is eclectic).

In case anyone wants to do the same thing with their movies, you can check out the script that I put together that generates this page. One big caveat, it assumes that your movie files are named 'nicely' and are of the form MOVIE_NAME (YEAR).avi (e.g. Battle Los Angeles (2011).avi). The year is optional, however. Once you have the script, you can run it as follows:
python [movie_dir] [output_dir]
In case you don't feel like going over to github to take a look at the code, here it is in full. Before you complain, this isn't exactly the best code that I have ever written (and it was written while watching Drive on a Saturday night), but it should be good enough to get the job done.

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